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    While pictures typically represent the adult version of a species, most items for sale are shipped as nymphs, spiderlings, or various other immature stages of the available species with plenty of life to go. Sizes are noted on the website where applicable. Some care sheets are available here.

    By ordering through this website you agree to our Shipping & Delivery Terms, below.

    Each customer is required to put a little checkmark in the box as they are going through checkout which states their agreement that they have read this Terms and Conditions page, especially with respect to live arrival guarantees.

    A $12 minimum order is required. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

    Finally, please respect our choice to maintain product listings as visible on the shopping cart, even while they are out of stock. We leave out of stock products up as a service to our customers who may not even realize that some things are seasonal and worth waiting for (and knowing there is a place to get them someday). We take great pride in making the impossible possible, with respect to native species.

  • Shipping & Delivery
  • You're considering buying a live animal and having it shipped in a box. READ ALL OF THIS!!! Yeah, I know it's obnoxiously long but this protects the animals and you and me. You will be required to check a little box as you go through checkout that states that you have read and agreed to all of this fine print, so you might as well grab yourself a tasty little beverage, kick back and read the science I have made of getting your order to you in pristine condition. ships merchandise to locations within the United States ONLY, excluding Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

    Shipping Schedule:

    Live orders ship Monday through Thursday, on the business day FOLLOWING placement. So, all orders placed Thursday-Sunday will ship on Monday OR Tuesday, based on the best window of weather. If you have special requests, please ask. US Holidays and Postal Holidays may affect shipping days.

    Live Guarantee Express Mail at $27 is recommend for all shipments containing living items and required for our live guarantee on most items shipped through this site. Your signature on the FIRST delivery attempt validates our live guarantee. It keeps the bugs from cooking in a mailbox or the back of a postal vehicle all day if you missed the delivery. If you want us to have the package held at your post office for pick up, that’s always the best option for the bugs regardless of weather. We’ll print a special label for you. Simply put this request in the notes/instructions field during the checkout process.

    Please note that Express Mail is a 1 to 2 day service and that we ship the “business day” following order placement. Some ZIP Codes deliver 2 days after we ship.

    Don't write notes in PayPal. We won't see them. We provide free ice packs or heat packs, as necessitated.

    Priority Mail (a 2 to 3 day service). $13 shipping

    We ship substrates and cages and dead insect collections by priority mail. Desert beetles, mantises and cockroaches are live guaranteed with Priority Mail ONLY if your temps fall between 33 and 83 degrees on the day of arrival. We are not responsible for weather changes. When in doubt, choose Express Mail. A signature is not required on arrival for Priority Mail. We only ship non-West Coast priority mail orders M-W. Arachnids, centipedes and millipedes are never live guaranteed with this slower priority mail option, regardless of weather. Questions. Please ask!

    You may contact us with your ZIP Code for consideration for cheaper priority mail on other living items if you live in a mild weather area but if your weather is over 83 degrees or below 32 degrees, please don’t. Use Express! If you live in the Portland/Salem/Vancouver areas you may always use this Priority Mail for all orders.

    Tracking #’s are sent via email automatically after we ship (usually by 6 PM, Pacific Time). Check your spam/junk folder. You know our shipping days. We will not be held responsible for you not receiving your tracking number and missing your delivery. You know you ordered LIVING material. If you don’t see your tracking number when you think you should and based on our shipping schedule, write us immediately!

    2018 Postal Holidays- shipments on or around these days may be affected.

    Monday, January 1 New Year’s Day
    Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
    Monday, February 19 Washington’s Birthday (observed)
    Monday, May 28 Memorial Day
    Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day
    Monday, September 3 Labor Day
    Monday, October 8 Columbus Day
    Monday, November 12 Veterans Day (observed)
    Thursday, November 22 Thanksgiving Day
    Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day


    DOA's (Dead on Arrival)

    DOA’s are very rare. Don’t write us if you missed signing for the box on the first delivery attempt. Write us ONLY ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY if there is a problem. Send a photo of the dead specimen. Replacements or credit and sometimes refund will be issued at our discretion. We may ask you to ship the dead specimen back to us. We ship lots of bugs for lots of years now. Our reviews across the forums and boards are stellar. Accidents do happen, but our shipping methods, while curiously efficient, are tried and true. Please watch the funny video at the following link if you want a better understanding of why shipping can be perilous to live animals: Video: Rough Handling.

  • International
  • We do not import or export. Sorry, but US sales only! Please do not contact us with requests to ship to anywhere outside the USA.