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Paraphrynus mexicanus Whipspider Princisia vanwaerebeki Cockroach photo image
Sonoran WhipspiderPrincisia vanwaerebeki Hissing Cockroach

Paraphrynus carolynae whipspiders. Large specimens.

Young nymphs of this colorful and unusual hissing cockroach. Larger on average than Madagascar hissers. Small nymphs now.




Megasoma punctulatus Buy Live Elephant Beetle Megasoma sleeperi buy beetle larva
Arizona Elephant BeetleSleeper's Elephant Beetle

Megasoma punctulatus--fourth year of captive bred specimens. Offering larvae (not adults) to the US hobby.

Megasoma sleeperi. That's right! L1/L2 Larvae available of the unicorn of US rhino beetles!




Live Pet Jerusalem cricket Velvet Ant pet insect buy
Jerusalem CricketLarge Velvet Ants

Niño de la Tierra. Click to

Velvet ants are long-lived, fuzzy wasps that are capable of stinging. Seasonally available.




Nephila clavipes Golden Silk Orbweaver spider Deroplatys lobata dead leaf mantis desiccata
Nephila clavipes Golden Silk OrbweaverMalaysian Dead Leaf Mantis

Giant Florida Orbweavers. Medium juveniles to adults available.

The mimicry of Deroplatys lobata is legendary! ~5th instar. 



Miniature Skeletal Remains Buy Mini Skeleton Blue Death feigning beetle Asbolus verrucosus
Mini Skeletal RemainsBlue Death Feigning Beetle

9 piece set of bones includes skull, rib cage, pelvis and more.

Asbolus verrucosus are great insect pets for beginners.



house fly musca domestica pupae live buy Net Pet Insect Castle Cage butterfly mantis
Bulk House Fly PupaeSmall White Cube Net Mesh Cage

100 house fly pupae (like cocoons that hatch in a couple days).

Net cages favored by mantis and moth breeders. 12 X 12 X 12 inch cubes. White with a viewing window. Zips closed.




Drosophila melanogaster flightless fruit flies
Fruit Fly Culture D. melanogaster Wingless

No wings, no flying, no problem! Available in 3 sizes.