Some people are mentioning issues with this contact form and it generating a forbidden or error code. Please decipher my email address using conventional format and email directly with questions if the form doesn't work for you. It is

peter *at*

Note: 7/28 I will be moving the site over to a new software platform the next couple weeks. Inventory on this older version of the website will not be updated as frequently so that I have time to move each of the nearly 700 products (many of them hidden) including every photo, etc. over to the new website. The new website will replace this one and will remain hidden until it is sufficiently ready. The weather is hot the next couple weeks anyway and so this is a perfect time to slow the roll.

Updated 5/30/2020 at 11:15 PM. Due to the unreliability of shipping companies through current world events, Express Mail is required for all orders that include living specimens for the summer of 2020. If your weather is consistently 92 degrees or more, please hold your order until the fall. 

We do not ship Thursday through Sunday and so all orders placed Wednesday to Sunday will ship the following week. We ship on Mon, Tue & Wed on the basis of weather, when you place the order, and our workflow. You will see a tracking number via the email address (sometimes your paypal address) when we ship.

Have questions about shipping costs and shipping days? Please review the Terms and Conditions page linked at the top and bottom of each page of this site. You're ordering live animals. Please read the Terms and Conditions BEFORE you order!

When you write us, please include your ZIP Code so we can check your weather as we reply.

Head's up! Wednesday through Sunday placed orders ship on Monday OR Tuesday, per the best window of weather. Tuesday orders ship Wednesdays. Terms and Conditions Schedule. We only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Upon ordering, each customer receives an order confirmation email. Then, after we ship, we send a "shipped" email with a tracking number. If you didn't get these check your spam/junk folder, first. And please consider the email address you ordered with (a PayPal email address, perhaps?).

We have never taken phone calls and don't make them. I work about 15+ hours all 7 days of the week, and collect bugs often until 2 or 3 AM (for our other #1 on Google website at Time zone issues, etc. I don't want my phone ringing when the East Coast gets up and I've just gone to bed. Do we lose a little business for not taking calls? Sure. But the real cost of not taking phone calls? Priceless! And consider the fact that you'll hit send on your email to us faster than you'd get to talk to me anyway. If I took phone calls I'd be rambling on about bugs with the prior caller for an hour EVERY time!

Follow Us on Instagram where we have tons of fun posting new bug videos every day. @bugsincyberspace

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You're shopping online. To contact us, use the form below or send an email to just like people have been doing since I started this website in 1997.

-Peter Clausen



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