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No other organisms that human eyes can see have the diversity that arthropods do. Opening your mind to the beauty in insects and spiders reveals an endless world of wonder and inspiration. I can find a new bug species, even in my own backyard, almost every time I look. Consider the fact that as few as 10% of insects are even named by science and you may begin to understand how many undiscovered continents of knowledge still remain. Each species has a story to tell, a role to play in its ecosystem and surprisingly interesting behaviors unique to it. Caring for an insect pet is a wonderful way to reconnect today's children with the still mysterious world of the outdoors and the importance of biodiversity. A connection with nature is a connection to oneself. 

Thousands of photos were exhibited in the previous incarnation of this website. I upload videos to my YouTube Channel as often as possible. Making videos is one of my very favorite pastimes within a hobby that will last my lifetime. My wife now stays home with me to manage this business and our other one at Deadinsects.Net. My parents live in Mexico and my mother has this wonderful little blog called LesGoBuggin about the insects she finds in her yard. I'm very grateful to have so much support from the people in my life, and to spend each day doing what I love for people that also find inpiration in the most diverse living group yet known in the entire universe. Bugs!

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