Yellow Spotted Flat Millipede

These Harpaphe haydeniana Yellow Spotted Flat Millipedes measure between 1 and 2 inches in length and grow to no more than 2 inches. This species is active both day and night. Their yellow coloration warns of their cyanide based toxicity. Handling them results in a pleasant almond smell like amaretto liqueur, but wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and obviously don't put them in your mouth or allow your other pets to eat them.

Like many other polydesmids these glow in greens and purples under UV light (like scorpions, etc.).

Millipedes require a substrate of mixed organic matter (see related products, below) and these particularly need a wood component to their substrate or they will die. These aren't consdered a great captive species and few have reproduced them. The low price reflects this fact.

No live arrival guarantee on this species whatsoever. If your weather is hot, please do not expect this cool-climate species to survive. They are sensitive to shipping even on a good day. The low $4 pricetag reflects the increased risk that this particular species may not make it to you alive and carries no live guarantee regardless of the shipping method you use.

Harpaphe haydeniana millipede
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