Wood's Jewel Scarab Larva

This listing is for a single unsexed Chrysina woodii beetle LARVA. This is a first time offering for the species.

Larvae are the immature stage of the beetle, sometimes called grubs (think caterpillar stage of the butterfly). The larvae live in and feed on hardwood from decaying trees (rotting wood). They are shipped in very small cup of this substrate that they can live in for at least a couple weeks. You will want to source more decayed oak or other hardwood material rather quickly (also sold in related products section below as oak flake soil). A care book is also available in the links below.

It is recommended that as they get close to pupating at the end of the 3rd larval instar, you offer an inch or so of clay based substrate below the oak substrate. This species prefers to pupate in a clay-based substrate, though clay itself is not a proper food-substrate for them.

$12 per larva in the first or second instar (larvae have 3 instars and take about a year to mature).

After your larva becomes an adult the food of preference is fresh oak leaves. They will also feed supplementally on sugary liquids or beetle jellies.

See photos on bugguide.net of this species.





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