Vonones ornata Ornate Harvestman

These are not your run of the mill Daddy Longlegs. They're in a different suborder and have a more interesting shape than the more typical backyard species.

These do well communally, prefering small crickets, but accepting fruit flies. However, I feed them fish food pellets and carrots which they nibble on and seem to be sustained perhaps entirely on. I later added springtails to the cage and allowed mites to remain, both of which they may feed on.

I suspect they live a minimum of two years since I've had adults for a year. I suspect 3 years is a reasonable estimate from birth to death. I was surprised to find that reproduction and offspring growth both seem rather simple. What a great captive species this arachnid is!

Currently available as large immatures or adults. Adults and maybe juveniles fluoresce under UV blacklight as seen in the video below! One of the most sensitive species on the site. Use express mail. We get in both darker and sometimes more orange specimens. Locality variances. 

$8 each. All arachnids require express mail for the live guarantee and these are among our most sensitive of shippers.





Vonones ornata Ornate Harvestman
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