Vonones ornata Ornate Harvestman

These are not your run of the mill Daddy Longlegs. They're in a different suborder and have a more interesting shape than the more typical backyard species.

These do well communally, prefering small crickets, but accepting fruit flies. However, I feed them fish food pellets and carrots which they nibble on and seem to be sustained perhaps entirely on. I later added springtails to the cage and allowed mites to remain, both of which they may feed on.

I suspect they live a minimum of two years since I've had adults for a year. I suspect 3 years is a reasonable estimate from birth to death. I was surprised to find that reproduction and offspring growth both seem rather simple. What a great captive species this arachnid is!

Currently available as large immatures or adults. Adults and maybe juveniles fluoresce under UV blacklight as seen in the video below!

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Vonones ornata Ornate Harvestman
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