Acanthoscurria geniculata Whitebanded Tarantula spider pet cage tank buy habitat pet
Acanthoscurria geniculata Whitebanded TarantulaPet Spider Habitat Kit

Very popular species with white striping on the knees. 1/4 inch.

A habitat enclosure for spiders and young tarantulas, other arachnids and centipedes.




Texas brown tarantula Aphonopelma hentzi buy Cobalt Blue Haplopelma lividum live pet tarantula
Aphonopelma hentziCobalt Blue Tarantula

Texas Brown Tarantula at 1/4 inch.

Not a beginner's species. Aggressive and venomous. 1/2 inch




Brachypelma albopilosum pet photo image
Curly Hair Tarantula

Brachypelma albopilosum is a great beginner's species. 1/3 inch legspan.