Aside from food, the substrates in our pets' cages are the most important element in setting our pets up for a healthy existence. Substrate is the ground covering for our pets' tanks. It isn't just dirt. Some bugs live in it, some eat it and it is the primary source of tank humidity for them all. I've raised every group of pet bugs in this hobby and we tailor-blend each substrate product we offer specifically to support the animals that we sell. It's easy to stand by these products because we use them in all our tanks.

pet beetle substrate compost oak hardwood flake pet centipede substrate
Beetle SubstrateCentipede Substrate

Six different substrate options tailored to match the needs of your pet beetle or beetle larva.

Substrate for tropical and desert centipedes.




pet roach substrate Cork bark flat buy pet bug
Cockroach SubstrateCork Bark

Four different substrate options tailored to match the needs of your pet cockroaches.

These attractive cork bark pieces provide a sense of security for terrestrial and aquatic pet bugs.




pet isopod substrate tank product buy bioactive leaflitter leaf litter millipede isopod substrate bag
Isopod SubstrateLeaf Bag

Free shipping on this substrate product for pet or feeder isopods.

A sandwich bag of dried, brown leaves. Millipedes, isopods and other leaf feeding arthropods love these.




pet millipede substrate buy
Millipede Substrate

5 substrate options for your pet millipedes. Free Shipping on these heavy products.