Sphodros Purseweb Spider

Sphodros abotti is the Abbot Purseweb spider, though some sold through this listing are S. rufipes. Immatures are difficult to tell apart.

New listing as of 6/24. Haven't checked size on them yet but selling them at 1/2 inch or so (it's more spider than it sounds like). Limit 1 per customer. 

These are rarely seen, despite being one of the largest US spiders. These bulky spiders build a tubelike tunnel against a tree trunk, disguising it with bits of dirt and local debris. They are cousins of trapdoor spiders. When it's time to attack, their enormous chelicerae make quick work of any prey. (Photo is of an adult from another state that may or may not be the same species.)

Click to see photos of them and their amazing burrows on Bugguide.net


New YouTube Video as of 6/23. Check out the burrow a purseweb made at the 12 minute mark.





Sphodros purseweb spider live
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