Sleeper's Elephant Beetle

First mainstream offering to the US beetle hobby. Listed for the first time ever in January of 2018!

Well, well, well! Megasoma sleeperi is the unicorn of rhino beetles in the United States. Check eBay right now and you'll see them available as deadstock pairs for over $200 per pair. This species has never, NEVER been available to the mainstream US pet beetle hobby before because they are extremely hard to obtain. And now for the first time ever, we are offering captive bred larvae of these to the hobby. These are the rarest of the rare!

Available as L1 larvae (first instar). They take under a year to mature on a quality substrate and go through 3 larval instars before pupating and becoming adults.

Sleeper's Elephant Beetle is a relative of the ginormous Elephant beetles in Central and South America. These occupy a small pocket of California and are notoriously hard to collect. Though the US species is much smaller, they are still good sized beetles and their value as deadstock is much higher than that of their giant cousins.

These feed on our oak flake soil product in the links below but you can collect your own wood if you want to.

Express mail required.

Megasoma sleeperi buy beetle larva
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