Scorpions were some of the first animals to crawl out of the sea. They continue to be adapted to places that other animals cannot survive in, but still manage even in the driest areas to find cooler, moister microclimates to inhabit.

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Uroctonus mordax California Forest Scorpion Vaejovis carolinianus buy scorpion Carolina
Uroctonus mordaxVaejovis carolinianus

California Forest Scorpions

Small brown scorpions, unusual within the hobby.




Emperor Scorpion Pandinus Stripedtail Scorpion Paravaejovis spinigerus devil
Emperor ScorpionArizona Stripedtail Scorpion

Pandinus sp. 3 inches (no longer imported into the US)

 Paravaejovis spinigerus--An aggressive species from the desert Southwest. Juveniles under 1 inch.



Smeringerus mesaensis Dune Scorpion Buy desert hairy scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis
Dune ScorpionDesert Hairy Scorpion

Smeringerus mesaensis is one of the largest US scorpions.

Hadrurus arizonensis-- the largest US species! (back next week)




Asian Forest Scorpion buy Heterometrus California scorpion buy live pet
Asian Giant Forest ScorpionCalifornia Common Scorpion

Heterometrus spinifer is big, black and glossy. Sub-adults to Adults.

Small, fairly pale California scorpion. Probably P. silvestrii.



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