Phanaeus Rainbow Dung Beetles

Out of stock until Spring of 2021.

Phanaeus spp. dung beetles are beautiful with their exquisite metallic colors. Please consider purchasing the dung beetle book (see related products below) for help in providing care for these rarely kept US beetles.

$8 each...or $21 per trio ($7 each with 1 male and 1 female guaranteed). Or take 7 of mixed sexes (3 females minimum) for $6 each.

Supply on these is typically rather limited, and demand rather high. These are wild caught beetles and aside live arrival there is no guarantee on their lifespan after that. If there is any instance of dead on arrival (DOA), I will refund the cost of the beetle(s). Notification must come via email on THE day of delivery. I don't guarantee that these adult, wild caught beetles will live beyond arrival. I don't know how old they are and I take a risk myself and getting them in. But these are amazing, difficult to source animals and I can only offer them under these special terms of understanding. All that said, you could get 3 or more months out of these things, on average. Finally, they are worth this price simply as dead specimens. No gemstone from the ground and polished by human hands can surpass these in brilliance and color. Put it on a band and propose to your spouse! If they love you the answer will be yes, possibly followed by some vigorous hand washing. Actually, it is highly recommended that you always wash your hands after handling these wild caught dung beetles. 

If you're going to breed these, guess what else you need? That's right, dung! Cow and horse are the most common. We have very little data on what else they might eat in captivity since these are so rarely kept but they do seem to nibble on both beetle jellies and bits of fruit. In nature they apparently drink the liquids associated with fresh (moist) dung. We look forward to additional feedback from our customers about what foods have worked so we can pass the word along. Another customer noted that his were eating Chinchilla dropping. Seems most any dung will do!

Update 4/25/16: one customer reports snake poo and now two customers report tortoise poo.

4/25/17...guinea pig droppings are on the list!

3/28/18 @thesassyteapot from Instagram says sugar glider droppings!

4/14/18 "They're going crazy over horse dung!"

5/14/19 from Chris, "Bought some of these dung beetles from you a couple of years ago. I did well, they bred successfully but, because I couln’t keep the humidity down I lost all brood except one. Raised them on ferret poop. Had PLENTY of that"

Please note that the male in the photo is a major male. Not all the males we get in our shipments have that same ginormous horn structure.

Want to learn more about Dung Beetles and their place in the world? Listen to the Ted talk about them.

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