Pet Millipede Deco Cube Habitat

There are two shipping options for this cage product. Live specimens are not included unless you add them to your shopping cart.

1. If you want this heavy product to ship with live bugs by priority mail, you will have to select the $12 Priority Mail shipping option later at checkout, plus chose the "Priority Mail Surcharge" option. There is no extra charge, but keep in mind that we only guarantee live arrival on certain animals with priority mail and through certain temperatures. Read the Terms and Conditions page.

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Additional shipping charges may apply to orders of multiple deco cubes.

These mini terrariums are 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches. We include the following components to tailor this fantastic little tank to the care requirements for a pet millipede. Note: live millipedes are sold separately on this site but can be shipped with the kit. This kit can accommodate any species that is 4 inches or shorter. It is suitable for several small millipede specimens, whether same species or a mix.

• Removable cover comes with a feeding hole in the center to provide ventilation, easy access for feeding your pet animals and added security.
• We include a custom made screen cover for the feeding hole that keeps fungus gnats and other potential household pests out.
• Marine grade acrylic construction for crystal clear views
• Custom blended millipede substrate and baggie of leaves which are the primary food source of millipedes in the wild. Moisten substrate every week to maintain humidity in your pet's home and add leaf bits to top of substrate as they disappear.
• One pad of frog moss comes "back to life" when watered, and a section of cork bark to provide cover/security for your pet.
• Easy to clean

*In the Related Items section below you can add a Stacking Kit if you'd like to order 3 deco cubes and connect them together in various configurations. Additional shipping charges may apply to orders of multiple deco cubes. Consider getting three different cubes, a stacking kit and three different types of millipedes or three different types of bugs for that matter!
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