antlion larva Hellgrammite from Dobsonfly or Fishfly
Antlion LarvaHellgrammite

The bug world's version of the Star Wars movie's Sarlacc Pit Monster!

Hellgrammite from Dobsonfly.




Psytalla horrida Assassin Bug African White Spot Assassin Bugs Platyermeris biguttatus
Horrid King Assassin BugAfrican White Spot Assassin Bugs

Psytalla horrida -- The grand daddy of all pet assassin bugs! These bite. 

Platymeris biguttatus white spot Assassin. Nymphs.




Live Pet Jerusalem cricket Velvet Ant pet insect buy
Jerusalem CricketVelvet Ants

Niño de la Tierra. Click for video...

Velvet ants are long-lived, fuzzy wasps that are capable of stinging. (out of stock until summer of 2020)