African Red Spot Assassin Bugs Platyermeris rhadamanthus antlion larva
African Red Spot Assassin BugsAntlion Larva

African Red Spot Assassin Bugs Platymeris leavicollis/rhadamanthus. Small nymphs.

The bug world's version of the Star Wars movie's Sarlacc Pit Monster!




Hellgrammite from Dobsonfly or Fishfly Psytalla horrida Assassin Bug
HellgrammiteHorrid King Assassin Bug

Hellgrammite from Dobsonfly.

NEW! Psytalla horrida -- The grand daddy of all pet assassin bugs! All assassin bugs bite and this one is probably a doozy!



Psytalla horrida Assassin Bug assassin bug deco cube buy terrarium cage tank
Mombo Assassin BugPet Assassin Bug Deco Cube Habitat

Platymeris sp. "Mombo" -- Orange Spot Assassin Bugs. Small nymphs. (click for video)

NEW! A beautiful 5.5” x 5.5” x 5.5" tank, perfect for most of the pet spiders or assassin bugs we sell on this site.




Ranatra pet Waterscorpion African White Spot Assassin Bugs Platyermeris biguttatus
Ranatra WaterscorpionAfrican White Spot Assassin Bugs

Ranatra waterscorpions are like underwater assassins.

Platymeris biguttatus white spot Assassin. Large nymphs.




Live Pet Jerusalem cricket Velvet Ant pet insect buy
Jerusalem CricketVelvet Ants

Niño de la Tierra. Click to

Velvet ants are long-lived, fuzzy wasps that are capable of stinging. Red and Black specimens.