Orchid Mantis

Hymenopus coronatus, that's right, Orchid Mantises! There is no other mantis, maybe even insect that generates the kind of attention this one gets. White bodies, often with pink highlights, lobed legs and a small horn above their pointy pink-striped, white eyes--this species is distinguishable from all other mantises, but then indistinguishable from the orchids and other flowers they may camouflage themselves on.

Do not, do NOT, miss out on these! While you're thinking, somebody else is clicking! I love to see all the familiar names come out of the woodwork on stuff like this and it goes to show who my stalkers are. ;)

L2/L3 nymphs (have shed their skin once or twice). Too young to sex. Too easy to sell. I sell them young and fast. Sometimes a year or two goes by before I am able to source these again.

Please review my Mantis Care Sheet.

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