Oniscus asellus 15 Count

The segments of these gray and whitish isopods have small extensions jutting out along their perimeter of the animal's body. They are as large as the largest common gray sow bugs (Porcellio scaber), but appear to be slightly larger on account of this "skirting". They measure to 15mm, though young are 1-2mm and softer-bodied. Feed them dried leaves and keep their habitat moist. Detrivores, they eat decaying organic matter. A piece of bark provides a humid place for them to hide beneath. This may be the best available isopod species for clean up in humid tanks because some amphibians show no interest in them. I had a pair of red-eyed tree frogs that would spit out captured Oniscus because they were too hard-bodied or perhaps that perimeter of extended segments make them difficult to ingest. Like all pet isopods, these are great for controlling mold, fungus and mites in your other invertebrate, amphibian or reptile habitats. They'll eat your pet's leftovers and even much on its feces. They are also commonly used as a source of food for spiders, centipedes, vinegaroons, amphibians and reptiles. Sold in groups of 15 in mixed sizes (usually more than half grown, at smallest).

 Express shipping required for live arrival guarantee on this species as they are temperature sensitive.




Skirted Sow Bug Oniscus asellus
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