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Mini Mushroom Glow leaflitter leaf litter millipede isopod substrate bag
Glow MushroomLeaf Bag

1 inch tall resin mushrooms that both glow in the dark and fluoresce under UV light.

A sandwich bag of dried, brown leaves. Millipedes, isopods and other leaf feeding arthropods love these.




Orthoporus ornatus desert millipede gold Millipede Pet buy American live
Orthoporus RandomAmerican Millipede Medley

Random orange-type forms of Orthoporus from TX. (back later this week)

New hobbyist? Get 3 species of US millipedes at a discounted group rate.




pet millipede tank cage buy Chicobolus spinigerus Ivory Millipede photo
Complete Millipede Habitat KitsFlorida Ivory Millipede

Complete kit with container, correct substrate and a hide (half log). Millipedes sold separately.

Chicobolus spinigerus. A very surface active and hardy species.




pet millipede substrate Anadenobolus monilicornis Bumblebee Millipede
Millipede SubstrateBumblebee Millipede

Five different substrate options tailored to match the needs of your pet millipede. Free Shipping.

Anadenobolus monilicornis. Black and yellow striped millipede.




Narceus americanus photo image millipede Narceus gordanus buy live
Narceus americanusSmoky Oak Millipedes

Narceus americanus is the most familiar native large US millipede species.

Narceus gordanus--the bulkiest US species.




Trigoniulus corallinus Scarlet Millipede Spirostreptus sp. globular Millipede
Scarlet MillipedeSpirostreptus species 1

Trigoniulus corallinus Scarlet Millipede

Spirostreptus sp. #1 coils into a globular shape and grows to be one of the longest species in the hobby. Immatures.




Brachycybe buy feather millipede live pet lecontei
Feather Millipedes

Brachycybe- click for video.