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Chicobolus spinigerus Ivory Millipede photo leaflitter leaf litter millipede isopod substrate bag
Florida Ivory MillipedeLeaf Bag

Chicobolus spinigerus. A delight to watch!

A sandwich bag of dried, brown leaves. Millipedes, isopods and other leaf feeding arthropods love these.



Orthoporus ornatus desert millipede gold Narceus gordanus buy live
Orthoporus ornatus goldYellow Smoky Oaks

The yellow banded gold form of this large US desert millipede. See video...(see special on page)

Narceus gordanus--the bulkiest US species. Yellow form.




pet millipede tank cage buy pet millipede substrate buy
Complete Millipede Habitat KitsMillipede Substrate

Complete kit with container, correct substrate and a hide (half log). Click to read details...

Five different substrate options tailored to match the needs of your pet millipedes. Free Shipping on these heavy products.




Anadenobolus monilicornis Bumblebee Millipede Thai Rainbow live pet millipede photo
Bumblebee MillipedeThai Rainbow Millipede

Anadenobolus monilicornis. Black and yellow striped millipede.

Hardy, very popular millipedes. Immatures at around 2 inches.




Narceus gordanus buy live Trigoniulus corallinus Scarlet Millipede
Smoky Oak MillipedesScarlet Millipede

Narceus gordanus--the bulkiest US species. Gray form.

Trigoniulus corallinus Scarlet Millipede




Orthoporus ornatus desert millipede Brachycybe buy feather millipede live pet lecontei
Sonoran Desert MillipedesFeather Millipedes

Orthoporus ornatus Sonoran Desert millipedes measuring at about 4 inches.

Brachycybe- click for video.