Marimo Moss Ball

These "moss" balls aren't actually moss at all but algae that is naturally or synthetically rolled into balls. The store of these balls is quite interesting as they do form naturally on the bottom of a lake in Japan. The actions of sun and waves and the growth characteristics of the plants themselves ensure a round appearance. These 1/2 inch balls grow slowly and can get quite large.

The need only access to sunlight or other full spectrum/UV light. I raise them in two locations; both in a window sill and beside a reptile tank in the bugroom. The need to be submerged in water and should be rotated once every few weeks to ensure symmetrical access to light (=spherical growth).

The look really great in aquatic bug tanks. Some water beetles and other organisms will feed on them to some extent. Many people treat these as pets unto themselves, and they look really great in groups at a bottom of a tank, even with nothing else in it.

More about the care of these and photos can be found at Wikipedia.

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