Mantis Popup Mini Net Cage

These measure 6 inches tall by 5.5 inch diameter white, cylinder cage. They collapse down flat into a circle that fits inside your pocket, making them convenient for hikes or field collecting trips. A strap allows you to hang or carry the unit.

More likely, these will be used as homes for raising mantises (including hatching egg cases), caterpillars, or eclosing butterflies or moths, raising stick-insects, etc. The mesh is fine enough that pests cannot enter the cage, nor can fruit flies escape if you are feeding young mantises in it. Closes completely with a zipper fastener. Or, just unzip a few inches to drop in some fruit flies or to easily perform tank maintainence, etc. The cages are washable. Misting your pets is very easy as fine water droplets still pass through the mesh very easily. Regular misting is recommended as this is a high ventilation cage.

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