Mantis Honey Sticks

Many keepers like to treat their mantises to these 100% Grade A Pure Clover Flower Honey Sticks. In fact, many of the hobby's best breeders swear by honey as a healthy food for their breeding groups.

Honey is also used in cases where a pet insect of most any kind appears to be weak or is a reluctant feeder on their more normal foods. It seems that sometimes it is just the thing to help a dying specimen turn a corner again. 

It is also believed by some that it has antibacterial properties that helps mantises fight off infections, including possibly the infamous "black goo of death" that all seasoned keepers encounter at one time or another.

Fit more mantises or humans (they are delicious!), simply cut off the end of the plastic tube and squeeze the opposite end a bit and just slightly touch the mouth of your pet mantis with it. It's often regarded as a bonding experience for a keeper and their pet.

3 sticks, as pictured for $2.50.

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