Little Kenyans (dozen)

Little Kenyans are a small sized cockroach measuring less than half an inch at maturity. As such these Blaberidae family roaches are growing in popularity as feeders. Babies have a mass about that of fruit flies. This species looks like tiny versions of Cuban Burrowing roaches (Byrsotria rothi), to me with their vestigial half-wings. They cannot fly but they like to burrow and small galleries are evident through substrate against the glass/plastic tank's wall. Adult males can climb while adult females lose this as they fill up with eggs.

Sold in groups of twelve mixed size nymphs for $12.

Roaches love jelly products which are healthy, clean, don't spoil and don't attract pests or mold like rotting fruit sometimes does, particulary during warmer months of the year. I also offer mine fish food pellets in small amounts for protein and other nutrients. These small pellets disappear quickly and prevent attraction of mites, etc. Subtrate in your roach tank provides both nutrition and humidity for your pets. My roach care sheet is located here.

Sorry, no shipping to Florida or Tennessee.

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