Large White Rectangle Net Mesh Cage

These unique net cages are must haves for anybody raising young mantises (including egg cases), caterpillars, butterflies and moths, walkingsticks, etc. These measure 23 X 23 X 35 inches tall. An attractive plastic viewing window covers one side of the cage, while the other 5 faces are mesh. The fine mesh and zipper combination keeps your pets in the cage, while preventing pests from entering from the outside. Easily unzip one face of the cube or just a few inches to drop in some fruit flies for your pet mantises or to easily perform tank maintainence, etc. The cages are washable. Misting your pets is very easy as fine water droplets still pass through the mesh very easily. At about 3 feet tall, a potted plant fits easily into the cage providing molting surfaces, a source of humidity, and if your pets are plant-eaters then food itself.

Please note: These can only ship by priority mail, due to size.

Mantis pets net mesh Cage
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