Blaberus fusca Cockroach photo image buy live mealworm
Blaberus fusca CockroachMealworms

Small nymphs of this popular feeder species.

3/4 to 1 inch long larvae of the popular feeders. 100 count for $4.



Eublaberus sp. Pantanal roach Eublaberus distanti six spotted cockroach
Pantanal CockroachSix-spotted Cockroaches

Non-climbing, non-flying. Medium nymphs of Eublaberus serranus. Prolific.

Eublaberus distanti is similar to the orange head roach. Medium sized nymphs.



Turkistan feeder Roach buy Repashy Superfoods Bug Burger Insect food feeder dry mix
Turkistan Roaches 25 countRepashy Superfoods Bug Burger

The "cricket replacement" feeder roach. 25 count, mixed/medium specimens.

A complete diet for Crickets, Roaches, and other Insects.




Blaptica dubia roach Orange Head Roaches Eublaberus posticus
Blaptica dubia Roach GroupOrange Head Roach Eublaberus posticus

Blaptica dubia by the dozen, small nymphs. 12 count.

Orange head roaches are one of the all time most popular feeders. Small nymphs.