Isoptera (Dead Termite)

This listing is for one dead termite in the insect Order Blattodea (formerly Isoptera), epifamily Termitoidae. These are very small, pale subterranean termites measuring about 3 millimeters. They are shipped in a very small vial of alcohol as they are soft-bodied.

This is a tricky one to explain. Basicallly, termites have (somewhat) recently been re-classified as belonging NOT to Isoptera, but to Blattodea. In effect, they are social cockroaches. 

I am usually able to identify all available specimens at least to family level. This subject matter can be confusing, particularly for parents with little interest in the subject, just doing their best to help their children complete a project. Please feel free to contact me with silly questions!

Read more about termites at Wikipedia.

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