Hymenoptera (Dead Bee)

This listing is for random bees in the Order Hymenoptera, usually Family Apidae. These include naturally deceased honeybees from a honey producer and random others like bumblebees in the family Apidae, and sometimes other bees from other families (mining bees, mason bees, etc.).

Seasonal availabilities on insects I'm able to collect, as well as the number of orders I'm currently working on, may affect my ability to get your order to you immediately. When possible, please plan ahead!

I am usually able to identify all available specimens at least to family level, sometimes genus and species. Common name is always easy to provide. This subject matter can be confusing, particularly for parents with little interest in the subject, just doing their best to help their children complete a project. Please feel free to contact me with silly questions!

dead honeybee bumblebee etc.
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