Heterophrynus batesii Whipspider

These elusive arachnids are neither spider, nor scorpion. Available as 3rd or so instars. They are BIG even at this young stage!

Heterophrynus have eyes. They have a set of pedipalps (or just palps) that unfold during prey capture as well as large chelicerae in between. Adult male H. batesii palps unfolded can be 8 inches making them the longest palps of any arachnid. The whips are far longer and are technically legs so this species and another close relative hold the real greatest legspan record of any arachnid, by a huge margin.

Truly one of the most unusual bugs, and they're non-venomous!

Express mail required with signature upon arrival. I won't ship these difficult to source, sensitive animals if your temps are below freezing at night. Just won't do it.


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