Heat Mats Under Tank Heater

These under tank heaters are also variously called heat mats or heat pads within the pet hobbies. Essentially they are like big stickers on the bottom. You peel the sticker paper off the bottom of the pad and then slap them on the bottom of a glass aquarium (probably not a good idea on plastic aquariums though some people use them on thick plastic bins of some kinds). They plug into a wall outlet and warm up quickly. I use them on 10 gallon glass aquariums for my cockroaches to kick production up to the "next level", though the packaging indicates they are made for 5 gallon aquariums (with fish and lizards in mind, I guess). I personally like to use these smaller ones because I keep lots of small tanks of bugs. Also, since these are smaller they directly heat about half the bottom of the tank and that allows the animal to choose whether it wants to be in a warm spot on one side, or over on the cooler side of the tank. Once you peel off the paper on the bottom to reveal the sticky underside of the heat pad, you also have the option of sticking them on the sides of a tank. This allows heat to radiate into the tank rather than into the substrate where most pet bugs hang out.

Most any hobby insect will grow much more quickly if kept above room temperature, and some require it. Hissing cockroaches, for example, will rarely reproduce at room temperature.

If you are ordering with express mail, orders for more than one heater may require additional shipping charges.


• Extremely Economical To Use.
• 4 Watts--Costs Almost Nothing To Operate.
• Great Heat Source For Your Pets. 
• Measure about 4 X 7 inches (note: photo may be of smaller/larger unit)

Solid state nichrome heating element.

Heat Mat for Reptiles, Insects, Feeder Roaches
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