Various cages, containers and accessories for your pet bugs.

plastic insect deli cups with poly fabric lid cholla cactus wood
32 oz Deli CupsCholla Cactus Wood

The standard deli cup for raising fruit flies and other insects. 10 pack. Ventilated, escape-proof lids.

Dried cactus wood for desert habitat tanks.



Cork bark flat buy pet bug deco cube stacking kit buy biobubble
Cork Bark FlatDeco Cube Stacking Kit

These attractive cork bark flats provide a sense of security for terrestrial and aquatic pet bugs.

This is the hardware consisting of metal brackets that allows you to stack as many as three Biobubble Deco Cubes together.



Frog Moss Buy Terrarium plant Mini Mushroom Glow
Frog MossGlow Mushroom

Also called Pillow Moss, this moss comes back to life.

1 inch tall resin mushrooms that both glow in the dark and fluoresce under UV light.




marimo moss ball buy Mini Gravestones Buy Miniature Tank Graveyard Decoration
Marimo Moss BallMini Gravestones

1/2 inch aquatic algae formed into very pretty balls that are super easy to care for and look very nice in aquatic tanks.

A set of three small gravestones creates a spooky theme.




Miniature Skeletal Remains Buy Mini Skeleton mini skull buy tank decoration
Mini Skeletal RemainsMini Skull Decoration

9 piece set of bones includes skull, rib cage, pelvis and more.

a 1/2 to 3/4 inch resin human skull



Mini Steer Skull Buy Tank Decoration cow Mine Troll Cave Bridge Buy Miniature
Mini Steer SkullMini Troll Cave Bridge

Lend a desert vibe to your scorpion, centipede or desert beetle tank with this product.

An attractive centerpiece for your pet bug habitat.



mopani wood buy tank Buy Blacklight Flashlight for Scorpion Hunting Glow
Mopani WoodScorpion Blacklight Flashlight

A dense wood that provides both a hiding place and a stable molting platform for pet bugs.

A bright LED blacklight flashlight to light up your pet scorpions, flat millipedes and ornate harvestmen, or help you find them in the wild.




Sphagnum Moss For Pet Bug Tank Mini Tree Person face mini
Spaghnum MossTree Person

Reusable moss that holds 20X its dry weight in water. One sandwich bag's worth.

An attractive decoration for your pet bug habitat.



Miniature Red and White Mushrooms Buy Mini plastic insect deli cup insect buy bug
Two Red Mushrooms8 oz Insect Deli Cups

2 mini red mushrooms with white spots. Click for details...

Smaller deli cups for smaller cultures of insects or pet tarantulas. 



Heat Mat for Reptiles, Insects, Feeder Roaches pet bug live plant tank cage Tillandsia succulent
Heat Mats Under Tank HeaterLive Plant for Insect Cage

Heat source for your pet's cage. Peel off the sticker paper and slap it on your glass tank. Zoo Med brand. (back later this week)

Live plant for pet bug cage. Small air plants measuring 1 to 2 inches.



bark bend pet bug hide pet insect bug cage buy terrarium kritter keeper
Pet Bug HideoutsPet Insect Cage Small

Two different products for pet insects, tarantulas, and other bugs to hide under.

Perfect cage for one or more pet insects.




plastic insect collecting vial or live pet container
Plastic vials 5 pack

2.75 inches tall by just less than 1.25 inches across. Great for live pets or collecting trips!