Goliath Beetle

Goliathus goliatus. Goliathus goliatus. Don't you just want to say it over and over again? Somebody pinch you, it's true. The day has come.

We are selling LARVAE through this listing. This point is mentioned repeatedly on this page, though you can also see an adult beetle in the photos. The image shown on this page is a 105 gram L3 male larva.

First and second instar larvae available now through this listing for $52 each. Like other beetles, these go through 3 larval instars before they pupate (in an earthen cocoon) and then later emerge as adult beetles. Again, we are not offering the adult beetles represented in the photo above. We are offering the immature L1 or L2 stage (larvae/grubs) for $52 each, unsexed. If you order multiples we will do our best to match sizes but these grow very quickly at this stage anyway.

Thanks to the efforts of Steven Barney who worked to get this protein-feeding giant African beetle deregulated and then sourced and captive bred them here in the US. These have now been captive-bred in the US for several generations. We will send a printed care sheet with each order for this species.

In some ways these are easier to raise than more famliar hobby species like Dynastes which need difficult to source decayed wood as part of their diet. While it is important to give Goliath beetles a substrate to live in, they are protein feeders and will not eat the substrate and so the type is not too important. An 8 ounce deli cup is a suitable container size for keeping the size of larvae we ship.

I have provided links for you below. These are Amazon Affiliate links and so it helps me out if you use them and are going to purchase these products anyway. I've tried to take some of the footwork out for you and nearly all of the guesswork. ;)

This 3 pack of coconut fiber bricks is recommended for raising a few larvae through their larval phases. 

Coconut Fiber Link

These larvae are protein feeders and we specifically recommend premium koi fish food pellets because of the importance of their high protein/low fat ratio. We do recommend large 3/16 inch pellets as opposed to small ones.

These premium pellets are best but more expensive and come in 3 different volumes/container sizes: Premium Pellet Link

And these are lower in protein and higher in fat but cheaper and produce okay results too: Cheaper Koi Pellets Link

Also, these sifters are highly recommended for removing waste and uneaten food that may have gone moldy in between feedings.

Sifter Tray

Later, clay soil is necessary for proper cocoon formation and we recommend this product: Georgia Red Clay

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