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Live pet bugs make unforgettable gifts!

This product listing is for those customers who want to purchase a gift for somebody but who aren't sure what exactly the gift recipient will want. You can choose preset amounts in the dropdown menu below. The gift certificate amounts include free shipping (your gift recipient will not have to pay extra for shipping). Note that all gift certificate orders will ship by express mail which bills at $27. My shipping days are generally Monday through Thursday. If you choose the cheapest gift option ($47), your gift recipient will have $20 to spend on bugs with $27 towards shipping. Since these are intended as gifts, I will make some concessions to offset minor price differences. For example, if the recipient has $20 to apply towards bugs and wants $23 worth of material, I'll call it as close enough. Please contact me with any questions. I can also set up custom amounts for orders if you don't like my designated ones in the dropdown menu below.

Please note that in winter or summer temperature extremes, we sometimes need to work with the customer to find a decent weather window for shipping.

Preset Certificate amounts in the dropdown menu are as follows:

$47 ($20 of product + $27 for shipping)

$72 ($45 of product + $27 for shipping)

$97 ($70 of product + $27 for shipping)

live pet insect gift certificate
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