Giant Vinegaroon Juvenile

Specimens sold through this listing are juveniles with a body length 1 to 2 inches long (not counting whip and antenniform legs). With the extra appendages they appear far larger. They are available unsexed only. Please do not ask. They are not easily sexed until they grow larger.

Giant Vinegaroons Mastigoproctus giganteus are non-venomous arachnids that look like scorpions (if they look like anything on this planet at all). The scorpion's "tail" and "stinger" are replaced by a whip tail. Not counting the tail and whips, adults grow to reach about 2.75 to 3 inches (body length with pedipalps/claws). Amazingly, and despite their rather intimidating appearance, these large animals are completely harmless to humans. They do however emit a spray that smells like vinegar (hence the name) and I'd recommend not putting the bug in your mouth or near your eyes and face. Unlike scorpions, their "pincers" consist of three parts instead of two. They use these to catch live prey like crickets or roaches.

One to three crickets a week are typically offered though they'll eat roaches or moths from your porch light too. They may stop feeding for a period of time once their abdomen gets full. If you offer a deep substrate they will burrow. Some care should be taken that the substrate is not so loose that it will fall in on them (cave in). If you offer a substrate that is shallow then you will probably see them more, but they are probably happier with a deeper substrate. In this case a piece of bark or something else for them to hide under is recommended (see related products below). Room temperature is fine and warmer is fine too.

Tank/soil humidity can be added and maintained by pouring a little water into one side of the substrate. A small, shallow water dish can be offered too, though they get most of the moisture they need through eating their prey. These are very long lived though specimen age is never known due to their being wild caught. Large ones are older but may still live several years.

If you get table vinegar in your eyes it would probably be worse than spray from vinegaroons because it is more of a liquid, but of course it depends on how much of each you actually got in your eyes. Their spray is a liquid too but finer, more like a misting than a stream in most cases. Even when they spray your hand you can hardly feel it unless you happen to be unusuall sensitive to vinegar (or vinegaroons). A lot of times they won't even spray if you bother them. Different individuals are more or less likely to spray. Different people have a different sensitivity to it. I should recommend that you wash your hands if you are sprayed, but I don't worry about it personally, at all.

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Giant whipscorpion Mastigoproctus giganteus
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