Giant Stag Beetle Larva

Express Mail is required if your high temperature is above 83 degrees or overnight area low is under 33 degrees.

Lucanus elaphus is the largest stag beetle in the United States, deserving of the common name Giant Stag Beetle.

Photo shown is of a dried male specimen with its wings spread. 

This listing is for an unsexed, captive-bred approximately 2nd to 3rd instar larva (an immature in the grub stage). Beetles go through 3 instars as larvae before they pupate and become adults. The third instar takes the longest to complete.

The larvae feed on decaying wood from hardwood trees like oak, beech, alder, maple, ash, etc. They will ship in a small amount of substrate that could sustain them for a month, but you really should have a plan for acquiring the suitable wood before getting them and enough of it to provide a habitat suitable for pupation. I sell a beetle "flake soil substrate" that is suitable for this (see related products below).

I highly recommend the book in the related products section below to anybody investing in these. Basically, as larvae these eat decaying wood from hardwood trees like oak, maple, beech, etc. This substrate should not get too dry. 

Sexing beetles isn't necessarily a science, but these are being offered as captive-bred sexed pairs of larva with approximately 90% certainty. Sexing them is based on the size of the head capsule, and at L3, the dimorphism is usually rather distinct. These are immatures (grubs) that take about a year to mature into the adult beetles, but currently at L2/L3 they are well along. They may mature in the Spring or thereafter, depending on care. All beetles grow through three larvae instars (L1, L2, L3). Then they pupate (metamorphosis) and become adults.

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