Fruit Fly Culture Drosophila melanogaster Wingless

Please read the options below carrrefully! 

Watch my YouTube video at the bottom of this page for care and use details, and subscribe to my channel for more pet bug videos.

Drosophila melanogaster fruit fly cultures sold below in the dropdown menu in 3 sizes and in 2 shipping methods. Please read carefully and remember what you chose in the dropdown menu on this page as you then later select your shipping choice during checkout. If you order more than one culture of flies, I may have to write you for additional shipping funds.


1. The "small culture" is $3.00. It's just under 4 inches tall and one inch wide with a foam plug and produces flies for a month on average. This is usually enough to get a praying mantis or other small pet bug through the early couple instars (or molts). Choose express mail at checkout for living shipments.

2. BEST VALUE The medium sized culture (black "shaker" lid) is $8.00. Choose express mail at checkout for living shipments. Choose "medium culture." Please note that the photo showing on this page of the medium is of a taller version rather than the ones we are listing as of 9/29/2020 which are maybe 2/3 the height of the one in the photo. They are otherwise the same with the black shaker-lid. 

3. If you must have a large 32 oz culture and will later be choosing express mail at checkout for living shipments, I highly recommend you buy a medium sized culture for $8 instead of this large one. Why? Because the medium costs $8 to ship in our normal box but the large one requires a larger heavier box and I have to charge $26 for the culture (includes additional shipping fees of $18 beyond the $8 cost of the culture). So, if you must have a large culture and will later be checking out with express mail, choose the $26 option in the dropdown menu below and then later MATCH that with the $28 express mail shipping option for living material at checkout.





Drosophila melanogaster flightless fruit flies
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