Folding Door Trapdoor Spider Antrodiaetus

Folding Door Trapdoor Spiders, Antrodiaetus sp. (probably A. pacificus), are similar to the more familiar trapdoor spiders, though the mechanism for the opening to their burrow is apparently different, being pulled together in two parts rather than a hinged lid. Adult females can attain legspans in excess of an inch and a half, though the spider's bulk is most impressive. Available individuals are young, measuring around 1/4 inch or so in legspans. Ultimate legspan exceeds an inch but they look so much larger on account of their sheer bulk! I suspect these spiders may live several decades (females). They probably reach sexual maturity well before they reach ultimate size. They are extremely common in areas where they occur, but very seldom seen by anybody.

This species is okay to ship via Priority Mail unless temps. are above 83 degrees.

Folding Door Trapdoor Spider Antrodiatus pacificus
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