Feather Millipedes

Brachcybe sp. are small millipedes that top out at about an inch in length at maturity. Current specimens measure at around 1/4 of an inch on average and grow to a bit over 1 inch. They are in a totally different family than all other hobby pet millipedes (Andrognathidae). They are flatter than polydesmid family millipedes and with proportionately wider bodies (and do better in captivity, for that matter). Their feathery bodies and peachy coloration make them perhaps the most unique species in the hobby. They seem to fare well in captivity and are even reproducing. Babies are 1.5 millimeters.

(If you like small, strange millipedes ask me about the Polyxenida that I can sometimes collect!)

These millipedes require a substrate of mixed organic matter (see related products, below). Like polydesmids they seem to like a decaying wood component in their habitat.




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