Extinct in the Wild Roach

Simandoa conserfariam were collected in a cave system in Africa shortly before it was mined for bauxite. It was the only known population of this species so they are believe to now be extinct in the wild. The existence of this species literally depends on hobbyists keeping them alive in captivity. The Simandoa Cave Roach is not likely to be lost to culture as it exhibits several remarkable characterists that roach hobbyists will love. It has a glossy black abdomen with bumblebee yellow stripes. The wings are a metallic bronzy-olive color with small flecks of metallic gold. The black pronotum (shield area) behind the head is glossy black with a perimeter of yellow. The legs are very spiky and best of all, these roaches emit little squeaks like mice when they are disturbed.

$7 per small nymph.

Roaches love jelly products which are healthy, clean, don't spoil and don't attract pests or mold like rotting fruit sometimes does, particulary during warmer months of the year. I also offer mine fish food pellets in small amounts for protein and other nutrients. These small pellets disappear quickly and prevent attraction of mites, etc. Subtrate in your roach tank provides both nutrition and humidity for your pets. My roach care sheet is located here.

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