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Temperatures above 83 degrees are risky for arrival of living animals. Your weather on the day or two surrounding shipping/arrival is too hot. A package left in the sun or in a mailbox (AKA "bug oven") is like a car with the windows rolled up--a death sentence. I do not guarantee live arrival on any priority mail shipment (per the Terms and Conditions each customer agrees to by checking a little box while going through checkout) if the delivery day is forecasted to be 84 degrees or more at the time of shipment. This helps to protect the animals and our mutual investment in them.

This page offers you several options for safely receiving your shipment. Please review them and either purchase the express upgrade link below or write back to me and choose one of other options below.

1. Please purchase the upgrade to express mail at the bottom of this page ($10). Note that your signature is required on delivery, by default. By signing for the box you are helping to minimize its exposure to the elements. Guarantee is void if you are not there to sign for it on the first delivery attempt. If you need these delivered on a specific day, please let me know. (Sunday and Monday deliveries are not possible.)

Alternatively, you can write back to me selecting one of the following options.

2. Request that I ship by priority mail as you ordered and with NO live arrival guarantee. (You're taking your chances.)

3. Request that I ship to have the package held at your post office for you to pick up there (only works for most 2 day destinations, not 3 day ones). This is usually okay for the Live Arrival Guarantee without the express mail upgrade. (Doesn't cost you extra.)

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