Cryptocercus Cockroaches

Cryptocercus cockroaches occur in Oregon and Northern California, as well as pockets of the SE USA. They are rarely encountered. Colonies of them live in and feed on rotting logs. They are seldom offered to the pet hobby. They are the closest living relatives of termites which are now considered so closely related to cockroaches that they have been placed into the Order Blattodea with them. The available individuals are from TN. Maybe surprisingly, Cryptocercus species are actually polyphagid family cockroaches.

These are the most difficult species of cockroaches to keep alive in captivity.

A popular product with researchers, we can acquire these for you at 8 specimens of mixed size for $24. Ask about availability when this product is listed to "out of stock".

Cockroaches nutritionally benefit from a substrate of mixed organic matter (see related products, below).

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Cryptocercus punctulatus brown-hooded cockroach
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