Cross Orbweaver Spider Araneus diadematus

The Cross Orbweaver spider Araneus diadematus is the familiar orange with brown markings spider of North American gardens. They build the familiar, intricate circular webs. Interestingly, they typically tear down the web each night, eating it to recycle the materials and then rebuilding it.

More available upon request.

This spider may not appear to be in stock, but I can usually collect them on an as-needed basis. They are not generally available during the coldest months of the year but start to show up again in mid to late March, generally and then through to about December. If you want more than what the shopping cart lets you buy (an inventory limiter may be in effect), please email me so that I can give you a seasonal estimate for how long it might take me to collect larger numbers.

Typically available June through about Halloween. Size of spiders is based on timing of order. The later in the season, the larger they tend to be.

$5 each. Smaller specimens currently available.

Orbweaver Garden Spider Araneus diadematus
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