Complete Pet Scorpion Habitat Kit

The cages on this page can ONLY ship by priority mail due to the weight of sand. Some of that added shipping cost is already built into the product costs below so that you can later select the $13 Priority Mail shipping option as you finalize checkout. (No express mail at checkout if this is in your shopping cart, please.)

If your weather is outside of 33 to 83 degrees at delivery, you will need to place a separate order for your desert beetles (using express mail for THAT order). But if your weather IS within that range, you may add them to your shopping cart along with this cage because I do offer a live guarantee on desert beetles with priority mail.

 If you want more than one kit please Contact Us to ask for pricing on multiple kits.


This kit comes in two DIFFERENT forms.

Option #1: The Functional Cage $22.00 (photo shows cage and white lid, but not all elements as included below):

  • Clear plastic shoebox container--It measures 13 5/8 X 8 1/4 X 4 7/8 inches, and with a good sealing white lid. Enough air transfer happens between the lid and container that you don't need to punch holes in it.
  • A desert blend substrate.
  • Half log hide--this is a 180 degree hide that can be buried partly into the substrate to provide a hiding place for your pet.
  • Water dish--Despite being desert animals, scorpions do like a drink of water now and then. (included, but not pictured)
  • Cholla cactus wood chunk--an attractive desert-themed decoration.


Option #2: The Display Cage $27.00

Includes the following products as pictured: 

  • Round Terrarium (as pictured)--This is a standard pet store type of cage offering with a diameter of 10 inches and a height of 5 inches.
  • A desert blend substrate. (photo is of a forest blend but we'll ship a desert blend)
  • Half log hide--this is a 180 degree hide that can be buried partly into the substrate to provide a hiding place for your pet.
  • Cholla cactus wood chunk--an attractive desert-themed decoration. (included but not pictured)


Scorpions are adapted to survive in very extreme environments. As such, their care requirements in captivity are rather easy to achieve. Yet, they are living animals and some attention should be given to properly setting up their terrariums. These are desert animals and they do maintain a rather natural schedule even at room temperature in our homes.

Believe it or not, dryness is the #1 killer of pet scorpions in captivity. In the wild, scorpions retreat into somewhat humid burrows by day.

Scorpions eat live prey. In captivity this consists of pet store crickets or cockroaches, generally. They will eat almost anything that is small enough for them to capture with their pedipalps (pincers). If a prey item presents a challenge they will often sting it. Different species are more or less venomous to people and hands should never be placed into the cage. A pair of tongs is recommended and available in our dropdown menu of options below. 

You may also add the book Scorpions, Windscorpions and Pseudoscorpions, Culturing Ancient Arachnids by Orin McMonigle for $14 additional ($2 off the normal price).

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