Complete Pet Centipede Habitat Kit

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This kit includes the following products as pictured:

  • Rectangular Kritter Keeper
  • Desert blend substrate 
  • Small bark bend or half log hide
  • Cholla cactus wood


Centipedes are adapted to survive in very extreme environments. As such, their care requirements in captivity are rather easy to achieve. Yet, they are living animals and some attention should be given to properly setting up their terrariums. These are desert animals and they do maintain a rather natural schedule even at room temperature in our homes.

Each kit comes with the pictured items, including a clear 9 inch X 5.5 inch X 5 inch terrarium. Centipedes are kept best on a sand-based substrate, and I include a suitable one with this kit. This substrate is a composite blend of sand, compost soil and coconut fiber. Despite being desert animals this should be wet down slightly a couple of times per week. In the wild, centipedes pass the heat of day beneath large rocks or in cracks or crevices. We include a hide (half log) that can be partly buried to provide a safe retreat for your pet to comfortably hide under.

Centipedes eat live prey and will cannibalize, so it is recommended that you keep one to a tank. In captivity, pet store crickets or cockroaches are generally offered. They will eat almost anything that is small enough for them to capture. A good rule of thumb is to offer them something about the size of their heads. Centipedes do have venom though the species I sell on this site are not considered medically significant to people. Your pet cricket Jiminy may not be a good tankmate for your centipede, however. Centipedes to move rapidly and erratically. They cannot climb plastic or glass but they can snap back at your hand if you are in the vicinity of any part of their bodies. A pair of tongs is recommended and available in our dropdown menu of options below.

An included piece of cholla cactus wood also lends a desert vibe to your terrarium.

You may also add the book Giant Centipedes, The Enthusiast's Handbook by Orin McMonigle for $16 additional ($2 off the normal price).

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