Coconut Fiber Substrate Disks

Coconut fiber is sold in a compressed form available in circular disks about 3 inches in diameter by about 1 inch in thickness. The reasons I only offer this smallest size are twofold. First, substrate products weigh a lot which invariably means your shipping costs go through the roof and particulary if you're ordering live bugs with express mail. The other reason is because a little bit goes a lonnng way! In the product photo you can see one of these disks up front and the result of what happens when you pour about 1.5 cups of water on one. It expands, expands, expands to the point of filling the largest tank size I tend to sell. As the photos illustrate, the substrate will fill the bottom of a medium kritter keeper to a depth of 3/4 of an inch on average. That's one single $1.99 disk!

So, let's talk about why this particular material is such a standard in the hobby, the go-to substrate for all pet bugs from tarantulas, to cockroaches, etc. First, it is very cost effective. It doesn't mold like some other organic based substrates, even when it is moist. Moisture/humidity is a critical factor in successful molting of our insect pets and even just for basic health in helping to prevent their lungs/tracheae from drying out. The fibers are uniform in size and color, making it easier to identify the level of moisture in the substrate since it uniformly darkens when it is wet.

Keep in mind this substrate is not a nutritious food material for any pet bugs (which isn't particularly important with carnivores/predators or herbivore species). However, it is still often a partial substrate ingredient in tanks of bugs that consume substrate because of its sterility, water-retention capabilities and low cost.

Directions: Add a cup of water and wait a few minutes. Continue adding a bit of water every few minutes until the substrate is uniformly hydrated.

Finally, I'd recommend you buy a couple of them if you plan to do occasional substrate changes. This was a lot of typing for me for a buck ninety-nine! ;-)

coconut fiber substrate brick compressed coir disk
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