Centipede Substrate

Pet centipedes tend to occupy two ecological habitat niches, dry and tropical. We offer a composite substrate that is suitable for both types. It should be noted that a humid substrate is the goal for both groups. Dryness is the number one killer of pet centipedes. Even desert centipedes are never found above ground in daylight hours. Instead, they are nocturnal and hide in humid microhabitats below ground or under rocks that adequately buffer them from the heat of the desert sun. You will want to add the appropriate amount of water to your substrate to bring it to the desired level of humidity, based perhaps on the specific centipede you are keeping. If you are unsure about how much water to add, the general consensus is that you water one side of your substrate to provide a moisture gradient (where one side is drier and the other side is wet, and then there is a transitional zone in the middle). The centipede decides!

Centipedes are burrowing animals and so it is important to ensure their substrate is composed of materials that will support this behavior and "cave-ins" are one of the other main concerns that keepers have. A centipede that gets pinned by a heavy rock or other large cage decoration that it has burrowed under, may meet death prematurely. By offering the right substrate you can help to minimize this. Our substrate is a composite mix of sand, coconut fiber and chunky bits of wood. This helps to hold form in burrows and maintain humidity. Like our other substrate offerings we make no secret of the ingredients. You can do it yourself, but we do feel a strong obligation to provide a cheap and suitable substrate option to support the customers that love the bugs we love too! It will cost us a minimum of $5 to ship your substrate to you and that cost is buit into the product cost.

$13 for 6 pounds. (note photo is just an example of a substrate shipment, not an actual centipede substrate blend)

Please note that shipping cost is built into this heavy 6 pound product and it ships only by priority mail, and usually separately from any live material that you order.

pet centipede substrate
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