Cactus Longhorn Beetle

The specimens for sale here are slightly imperfect and may have incomplete antennae and/or missing tips of feet. They are discounted for this reason.

Cactus longhorn beetles are specialist feeders on cholla and prickly pear pads. You can purchase the pads at local Mexican stores and some grocery stores. They are also rather affordable on Ebay. They can be stored in the freezer for many weeks and you just cut a little piece off for the beetles or just set an entire pad in the tank. The larvae eat pieces of the pads too.

This listing is for adult beetles in the genus Moneilema. See photos at link below. We do not necessarily know if all beetles are the same species. Likely they are.

I'm just throwing this listing up quickly but will provide more information shortly. They like a tank with sand on the bottom but like to climb and perch on branches or sticks. They are wild caught but will probably be available as captive bred larvae going forward since they do so well in captivity, both as adults and as larvae. A very simple species to raise. It is the only longhorn beetle that I ever offer.

See photos available at Bugguide.Net.

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