Bright Orange Sow Bugs

Orange morph Porcellio are great for controlling mold, fungus and mites, and are a source of food for some spiders, amphibians and other animals. They will feed on the leftover bits of food that your tank's "pet" leaves lying around (please also see our Clean Up Crew product below). These are fascinating little bugs that can be kept in large, easy to care for colonies. Successive generations will include only orange individuals as they are true breeding. They require a fairly humid environment. Placing a piece or two of bark or moss on the substrate will give them a place to hide and stay humid during the day. Like other isopods, they are sexually mature (capable of birth) around the time they are halfway to their ultimate length.

These are particularly popular as feeders for frogs and other amphibians (often called "Giant Orange sowbugs or isopods). Baby Porcellio are small like fruit flies, but remain on/in the substrate where frogs hang out.

Sold in cultures of 12 individuals, mixed sizes for $15.

bright orange sow bug isopod for sale
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