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Guyana spotted roaches, Blaptica dubia, perhaps the most popular species of cockroach raised. The reptile industry prizes this species as a fast-producing, nutritious, hassle-free species. Both nymphs of all ages and adults are unable to climb glass or plastic aquarium walls. Young B. dubia are the size and mass of small crickets you find at the pet store. Adults measure about and inch and a half in length and have the mass equivalent to about 5 adult crickets. Males are winged and can glide in a downward direction (but rarely do), while females only attain small wing pads and cannot fly.

They are content on a diet of dried dog or cat food supplemented with fruits or vegetables. Cockroaches nutritionally benefit from a substrate of mixed organic matter (see related products, below).

12 small nymphs available for $9.

Cockroaches nutritionally benefit from a substrate of mixed organic matter (see related products, below).

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Blaptica dubia roach
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