Black Death Feigning Beetle

Cryptoglossa variolosa Black Death Feigning Beetles are in the Tenebrionidae family of beetles. These particular ones are very long lived (years as adults), but nobody really knows about the lifespan of this seldom-offered beetles. They feed well on carrots and dried dog/cat food and various fruits or veggies. They don't need additional humidity or water, though a piece of bark to hide under and an occasional squirt in the terrarium won't hurt.

These are very active beetles, great for display and safe to hold in your hands! They are called death-feigners because they will play dead when they are disturbed. They prefer a dry, sandy substrate as dirt may begin to accumulate on their legs and feet if it's too moist. Some wet areas of the cage may promote egg laying. Be the first person to get offspring of this species in captivity!

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Cryptoglossa variolosa Black Death Feigning Beetle
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