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See video below about larvae that eat wood substrate. The insect Order Coleoptera (beetles) is easily the largest group of insects on the planet and Wikipedia says that a quarter of all animals are beetles and 40% of all insects are beetles. It is no surprise then that they occupy a wide range of habitat niches, or that their captive needs are respectively diverse. Aside from food, substrate is probably the most important factor in the health of your pet beetle. And beetles, as a group, are my personal favorite insect pets! Hence, my dedication to not just offering a diversity of animals but the appropriate substrate products to support them. Substrate recommendations are based on what type of beetle you are caring for and given in the table below. I'm sorry but these products cannot ship by express mail, due to their heavy weight. They necessarily ship in Priority Mail Flat Rate packaging and shipping cost is built into the product for these heavy/expensive to ship substrates. Choose Substrate Type and see prices in the dropdown menu.


Beetle Type Substrate Recommendation
Death-feigning, Darkling, Tenebrionid  Desert- 6 lbs. blend of sand and compost soil. $14 (Product revised 10/5/2019 to promote reproduction of them.)
Flower Beetles Leaflitter- Edible compost with volume about 10 inches X 7 inches X 4.75 inches, plus two sandwich baggies of dried leaves to mix in. $22
Ground Beetles  Composite- 3 lbs. blend of soil, coconut fiber, and sand $15
Edible Compost Soil  Compost Soil that works well as a base for many substrate-eating beetles. Works well for rhino, stag and other beetles that eat their substrate as food. We recommend using this as a base and mixing in oak flake soil for substrate eating beetles if you want to stretch your dollar vs. just straight flake soil. Volume is about 10 inches by 7 inches by 4.75 inches. Cost is $17. Free Shipping.
Oak Chunk In Compost

Same volume and mix as Edible Compost above but with a 3.25 oz container of oak chunks. This product may be useful in helping to achieve larger adult stag beetles as it is theorized that by chewing on oak chunks as larvae they will attain a greater mandible size. This is a product that is useful as a food for any rhino or stag beetle, though combining it with a pound of oak flake soil is very highly recommended. $23

Oak Flake Soil 1 pound of 100% medium to soft decay oak wood flakes. This is the premium grade product we use to raise all our rhino, stag and Chrysina larvae before offering them up for sale. It consists of finely ground fermented oak wood mixed with finely ground wild collected oak wood. It is freeze-treated. $21 per pound.
Oak Flake Soil Cup  Currently offering 3.75 oz containers (by volume) of oak flake soil for those of you who neeeed a little bit to get by until we've got it back in larger volumes at the end of summer. See photo above. $2.50 each.



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