Arabian Desert Mantis

Eremiaphila braueri are a desert mantis from the hot, dry areas of the Middle East including the Arabian Peninsula. This is a first time offering through the website and they are relatively new to me but I've made a video about them on my YouTube Channel, below. Subscribe there for more great videos and don't miss my YouTube mantis playlist!

These prefer temperatures between 85 and 100 or so degrees and so room temperature just doesn't quite cut if for these. For this reason they are considered an intermediate species, and not really for beginners. The video below and the description on the YouTube page for this species provides more info about them.

~L2/L3/L4 nymphs available. $16 each. Sold unsexed (still difficult to sex at this age). Best fed D. hydei fruit flies at this point.





Arabian Desert Mantis Eremiaphila
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